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50 Shades of Grey´soundtrack to listen in bathtub

February 5, 2015

Its  not  new that Maison Valentina´s partners  are the luxurious furniture choose by Mrs Grey for his fantastic penthouse  that would make the Louvre blush, but one thing is missing, the music, that simple touch that can make or break every mood.

Maison Valentina is a new concept in the bathroom market. It offers a range of exquisite and high-end bathtubs and washbasins, aiming to provide simultaneously comfort and luxury to your bath área.
That’s why we are publishing the 50 fifty shades of grey sound track so you can imagine Mr. Grey listening all these song in his magnific bathtub, drinking champagne and relaxing.
What better place to listen your favorite song that a big full foam bath =)

1. Annie Lennox – I Put a Spell On You
2. Laura Welsh – Undiscovered
3. The Weeknd – Earned It
4. Jessie Ware – Meet Me In the Middle
5. Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do
6. Beyoncé – Haunted (Michael Diamond Remix)
7. Sia – Salted Wound
8. The Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden
9. AWOLNATION – I’m On Fire
10. Beyoncé – Crazy In Love (2014 Remix)
11. Frank Sinatra – Witchcraft
12. Vaults – One Last Night
13. The Weeknd – Where You Belong
14. Skylar Grey – I Know You
15. Danny Elfman – Anna and Christian
16. Danny Elfman – Did That Hurt?

If you’re still not satisfied and crave for a more visual stimulation, there’s already plenty to choose from. You can start by watching the music video =)

Enjoy these incredible book adaptation.

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