Jun 30, 2015

Stone Forest creates the most luxury and modern bathtubs,  hand carved granite  which combine the elegance with contemporary design. The integrity of granite gives Stone Forest carvings a radiant mass or presence not realized using man-made materials such as cement or cast stone.     Since each piece is hand […]

Jun 29, 2015

It’s very difficult to choose the best material for the bathroom countertop, and it can be a little difficult understand what is the perfect one for our space.This one are very beautiful and they inspired all the most design bathrooms in the word. Now Maison Valentina creates a new trend […]

Jun 29, 2015

Choose the perfect suite in Paris is a hard work because you have a huge number of choices! Check the list bellow for the perfect bathroom suite in a Four Season Hotel George V! Four Seasons Hotel George V, in Paris, is an eight-storey landmark built in 1928 which offers […]

Jun 26, 2015

If you are looking for the most beautiful  and elegance lighting  to your luxury bathroom, don’t worry, you will find everything that you imagine here.       LUXXU is a new lighting experience, a brand that provides a collection capable of making your projects come true, combined the classic […]

Jun 22, 2015

Nicole Arnold Interiors is a full-service Dallas interior design firm who recently decorated and designed incredible luxury bathrooms. Maison Valentina choose some of her work for inspiration to show you the new bathroom  trends of 2015 and talk a litlle bit more about Nicole Arnold work. The Highest Quality. The […]

Jun 19, 2015

Fireplaces have long been associated with warmth, comfort, and luxury. A luxury bathroom with a fireplace is definitely some think rare that we see just in most amazing houses. Along with the fireplace, many of these bathrooms fine elements such as marble, hardwood flooring, intricate tile work, glass enclosed showers, […]

Jun 15, 2015

Kelly Hoppen  has become one of the most recognised interior design, her creations inspired  many people around the world when developing the interior style for their own homes. She develops a new line for the shower with the luxury shower brand cross water. Maison Valentina will show you everything about […]

Jun 5, 2015

Sometimes a touch of originally its just what you need. 1. Replace the mirror with a chalkboard   Wouldn’t you so much rather read some inspirational profound quotes than see what you look like on this dreary morn? 2. Paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint. 3. Paint the radiator […]

Jun 3, 2015

As you know the key to transforming your normal bathroom in a luxury bathroom  are the details. Main decorative elements of space are integral to its design success, but overlook the small stuff and the scheme simply won’t hold together as it should. Everyday toiletries, sponges, and towels might not […]

May 29, 2015

Maison Valentina has been in some small bathrooms — you know, the kind that make you feel like you have to lose 5 pounds to enter them. But I really like working on this type of bathroom design. Trying to make everything fit in the available space is like doing […]

May 22, 2015

Bathrooms are second as places where considerable attention is given to layouts and finishes, and size doesn’t limit the quality of their design. Learning a few key dimensions and common fixture sizes can help you to take the best from your bathroom. The most common bathroom layout is the single […]

May 15, 2015

Today we can never deny the fact that black and white is one of the most common and somewhat famous colour concept utilized by the designers. Well, it is good to know that most of the fixtures have a white color. So here you will see how the designers creatively […]


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