Feb 4, 2015

The Maison&Objet  is the one of the most amazing fairs for the world of decoration. After 20 years  keeps pursuing its mission to help the world discovering new exhibitors, new collections and new talent. It is the place where all interior designers, architects, decorators and decor lovers want to be to […]

Feb 2, 2015

The new Luxury bathroom Collection by Italian manufacturer Branchetti  is exactly that: luxury. They prove once again that the Italian furniture is not only stylish, but can be regarded as true works of art. Furniture from Luxury collection are modern, extremely elegant and above all functional and practical. Combining that all […]

Jan 19, 2015

The bathroom and his furniture are changing and renovate new concepts and needs, people are looking for new design furniture and new inspirations ideas. Every day we are inspired for more projects to the modern and luxury bathroom.  Today we found an incredible bathtub, a piece of design totally revolutionary. […]

Jan 15, 2015

Bathrooms are spaces that we use every day, so their importance is far greater than we give it credit for. From bright and cheery to sophisticated and imposing, modern bathrooms have long gone beyond the limit of space. Today we give to inspiring you the best bathroom design ideas! Bathrooms have now […]

Jan 12, 2015

When you look for a hotel, you look for the bedroom, if the bed is comfortable, and now you need to ask about bathrooms! Alberto Apostoli designed a new suite spa! See the incredible luxury bathroom,  spa suite designed by  Alberto Apostoli  captured the attention of visitors to Equip´Hotel 2014  the international event for […]

Jan 9, 2015

There’s nothing better as quite a good shower to relax and enjoy some time for you. Not everyone has the luxury of an enormous shower room like the one pictured here, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t take inspiration from its bathroom design ideas. We are talking about the […]

Jan 8, 2015

We love luxury bathroom and we found so many ideas  out there that we decide show you some of the most incredible bathroom  design ideas, so you can use them as an inspiration for your projects. See this five that we choose for you.   The Parisian Bathroom The Dallas […]

Dec 30, 2014

Want to improve your bathroom and make it futuristic and modern? Take a look at this coll bathroom gadgets. While they give you more comfort and a calm ambiance, they help you to save the environment. How cool is that? #1 A Programmable Shower Personalize shower time with this tablet-like, […]

Dec 27, 2014

Are you a passionate for nature? You can have it in your bathroom designs. Let the natural world into your bathroom with this 10 amazing nature inspired bathroom designs. Incredible and different ideas to inspire you. So you like to relax in the bath? Then nature inspired bathroom uses low lighting to set the […]

Dec 27, 2014

Putting a tub in the shower may seems a unexpected idea, but if you think about how many times the kids were playing with water and then you had to clean all the water around the tub isn’t so crazy at all. Or even, when you in future could have […]


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