March 12, 2015

Whether you use it as a quiet retreat at the end of a long day or simply as a powder room for guests to freshen up in, the bathroom is one of the home’s most functional and well-used spaces. If you’re considering a renovation or even a light facelift for your bathroom in 2015, consider these fabulous looks that represent the biggest trends for this year.


GOD for you Bathrooms-1  GOLD FOR YOUR BATHROOMS GOD for you Bathrooms 1

Gold fixtures. This retro statement hardware color will make a comeback in 2015 with a new modern twist: bright gold with a sleek finish for extra shine. In 2015, homeowners will no longer be limited to silver or stainless steel fixtures, and will feel free to mix and match finish colors, or go bold with all gold.

goldbathrooms2  GOLD FOR YOUR BATHROOMS goldbathrooms2


The metallic theme continues with gold. Brighten up a neutral design with gold fittings and accessories. Not necessarily to everyone’s taste, but with subtle use, and in the right setting, gold can add a touch of class to your bathroom.



GOD for you Bathrooms-3  GOLD FOR YOUR BATHROOMS GOD for you Bathrooms 3



10 ideias for a contemporanry bathroom9  GOLD FOR YOUR BATHROOMS 36




While in previous years silver was a very popular color for faucets and pipes, it will be replaced by copper and gold in 2015. These colors are also appropriate for bathroom accessories such as mirrors, handles, etc. When matched with a contemporary styled bathroom, these faucets, pipes and accessories will look stunning.

6-eden-free-standing-washbasin-maison-valentina-HR  GOLD FOR YOUR BATHROOMS 6 eden free standing washbasin maison valentina HR

Bathrooms-2015-Be-Gold-and-Bold-5  GOLD FOR YOUR BATHROOMS Bathrooms 2015 Be Gold and Bold 5

The traditional bathroom, featuring lots of tiled surfaces – walls, floors and even ceilings, are now being seen by many people as old hat. In the same way that people like to personalize their bedrooms or lounges, bathrooms are being designed to provide ambience that turns bathing into an experience rather than a necessary function.


Bathrooms-2015-Be-Gold-and-Bold-6  GOLD FOR YOUR BATHROOMS Bathrooms 2015 Be Gold and Bold 6

Your bathroom needn’t look like a sterile operating theatre from your local hospital. One of the recent trends, which will almost certainly continue into 2015, is that named ‘bathroom living’, where the bathroom is designed to look more like a bedroom or living room than a traditional bathroom. Bookshelves, vanity units that resemble dressing tables and furniture, such as a small upholstered chair, give the bathroom the ‘bathroom living’ feel.

Bathrooms-2015-Be-Gold-and-Bold-7  GOLD FOR YOUR BATHROOMS Bathrooms 2015 Be Gold and Bold 7

Bathrooms-2015-Be-Gold-and-Bold-8  GOLD FOR YOUR BATHROOMS Bathrooms 2015 Be Gold and Bold 8

Wall tiles are popular, elegant and timelessly stylish interior design and decorating materials. Wall tile designs offer wonderful ways to add a splash of colors, unique decoration patterns and interesting textures to your bathroom. And here there’s no exception: golden tiles for bathroom is definitely a trend for 2015.

Bathrooms-2015-Be-Gold-and-Bold-9  GOLD FOR YOUR BATHROOMS Bathrooms 2015 Be Gold and Bold 9

Also golden accessories for bathroom and golden bathroom fixtures will help you make the most of your interior. Classy and elegant, these golden objects will make you feel luxurious and like you are in a spa.

Bathrooms-2015-Be-Gold-and-Bold-10  GOLD FOR YOUR BATHROOMS Bathrooms 2015 Be Gold and Bold 10


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