March 30, 2015

One who understands the opulence of today’s luxury spaces cannot avoid luxurious homes by any chance. When building a home keeping comfort in mind, you would be expected to give equal importance to your bathroom as it plays an important role in making your home a complete abode of lavishness. Be it a fantasy waterfall bathroom or a bathroom with a royal look made of marble, there are people who are ready to spend millions on building a bling bathroom. After the jump are a few such glittering bath-fittings that won’t let you get out of your bathroom for hours…

1. Luxury bathroom fixtures with Swarovski crystals from Vitruvit

bling_lovers_1  BLING LOVERS BATHROOMS luxury bathroom fittings for bling lovers 1

If you are tired of seeing the same plane bathroom fittings in your restroom, then these luxury bling bath fits embedded with Swarovski crystals, are just apt for you. The collection from Vitruvit comprises a toilet, bidet and a sink, all are crafted with stunning little fishes patterns adorned in Swarovski crystals. Although it looks very beautiful but being festooned in bath fittings, it needs extra care too. Each crystal is applied by hand on elegant white ceramic and is expected to last for 10 years.


2. Gold-plated bath accessories

Bathroom is one place where maximum unwinding takes place, and that place should be the most important one. To give this place a rich feel, Bathline Sensations in India has created the newest series of its Acquaviva AGand category. Each and every accessory in this is dipped in gold with Swarovski crystals and looks extremely glitzy and glamorous. The collection includes Q tip jar, a gel dispenser, a brush holder and cotton balls.

bling_lovers_2  BLING LOVERS BATHROOMS bling lovers 2

3. Faucet Acquaviva Swarovski by Bongio

If you do not want to glam up the whole bathroom with gold or diamond then you can go for this Faucet by Bongio. This elegant piece will add a little glamour to your bath space as it is adorned with Swarovski crystals and finished in gleaming chrome. The spout is built on a plate that can be fixed on wall above your sink and can also be separated.


bling_lovers-3  BLING LOVERS BATHROOMS bling lovers 3


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4. Versace bath fittings in gold

If you like to add some luxury brands to your bathroom as well then what could be better than a Versace? This high end brand launched bath fittings that too in gold, so if you want to add shimmer of gold in your bathroom then this could be the best option. The Versace Home Collection features sleek and elegant accessories and are inspired by the 1930s bathrooms. The collection includes wall-mounted soap dishes, cupboard handles, ornate door, paper roll holders, towel rails, taps and everything you can think to have in your luxurious bathroom. The collection is finished with dazzling 24K gold plating and chrome, and would cost you around $5000.


bling_lovers-4  BLING LOVERS BATHROOMS bling lovers 4

5. Baldi Rock Crystal Vessel Basin

This Italian company is well-known for the creation of their luxurious home fittings like vases, bowls, bathtubs, lamps etc and once again they have created a bathtub using precious materials named as rock crystals. The amazing tub is made of a single piece of rock crystal found in the Amazonian rainforest. The tub took six months of hard work and is 2.5 meters in diameter. The bathtub will surely give an antique look to your bathing space as the cut on the tub has been given roughly to show the originality. This bathroom sculpture costs whooping $790,310.


bling_lovers-5  BLING LOVERS BATHROOMS bling lovers 5

6. Gold tiles by Dune

Another option for the super affluent class who likes to rejuvenate amid gold. Damasco collection by Dune is one such option that offers gold tiles for your bath space. If you want to impress people by your opulence then these tiles, available in long, rectangular shape is surely going to do wonders. If you have an interior in gold shade then this bathroom tiles are just apt for your complimenting completely to your décor.

bling_lovers-6  BLING LOVERS BATHROOMS bling lovers 6


Are you in love for this bathroom. We will show more tomorow.

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